MacBaler’s hand-press series manual vertical balers are particularly manufactured to recycle less than 1-ton waste in one hour. Suchvertical baler machine is used to carry and handle the waste in an easy way by compressing all types of soft and hard material. Basically, these Hand-press Balers are the forming tools which are mostly used in recycling the waste. MacBaler proudly manufactures the durable vertical baler, manual baler, and vertical cardboard baler.

These manual vertical balers require hand strapping and hand feeding, which occupy the small floor spaces of the bailing machines. There is a wide range of manual vertical balers which help you get your different requirements of bailing. The size of the bale ranges from 600x400x400mm to 1500x760x1000mm and the weight of the bale starts from 20kg to 600kgs. The effective electric power packs of MacBaler are also available from the range of 3HP to 30HP for meeting the specific recycling demands.

MacBaler manufactures vertical cardboard balers which help in handling the waste material; how to store this material, where to place it and how to recycle it. Installing a cardboard bailing machine helps in making the workplace well equipped to handle the waste material. It is tailored to reduce the cost.

Apart from the manually powered manual vertical balers. Our trusty manual baler provides economic solutions to different problems related to farming and the waste reduction. The products offered by MacBaler are among the best balers because these are efficient, strong, durable, affordable, and reliable, effective, and manually powered engines.