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MacBaler-Shredder Machine

Waste Shredder/ Car Shredder

Car Shredder also called waste shredder, industrial shredder machine, metal shredder, wood shredder, scrap shredder and more. There are single shaft shredder, two shaft shredder, three shaft shredder and four shaft shredder to fit different materials shredding.

The car shredder is a versatile machine that can shred a wide range of materials. It is not limited to shredding cars but can also efficiently process wire & cable, wood scrap & wooden pallets, waste circuit boards, hard disks, e-scrap, waste paper, plastic lumps & engineering plastic, PE pipes, aluminum skimming, woven bags, solid refuse, film, C&D waste, waste vehicle crusts, metal drums, waste steel, tires, waste radiators, lithium batteries, municipal solid waste, waste refrigerators, oil palm fiber (EFB fiber), IBC containers, plastic drums, filings, cabinets, mattresses, sofas, printers, and more.

MacBaler- waste after shredding

MacBaler- some waste after shredding

The waste shredders are widely applied by the below industries but not limited to:

Alternative Fuels

C&D Debris

Document Destruction

Electronic Scrap

Hazardous & Medical Waste

Industrial Paper & Mill Waste

Metal Recycling

Plastics & Textiles Recycling

Product & Security Destruction

Solid & Bulky Waste

Tire Recycling

Wood Processing

Palm Fiber Plants

Organics and Agriculture Processing

The shredder comes with different blade designs and sizes to suit the specific material being shredded.

MacBaler- baldes for shredder

MacBaler- blades for shredder

We utilize advanced tooling equipment to ensure the precision and quality of our shredder machines. Our state-of-the-art tooling equipment allows us to manufacture machines with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. By investing in advanced technology, we are able to deliver high-performance machines that meet your demanding requirements. Rest assured that when you choose our machines, you are investing in cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship.

Upgrade your waste management capabilities with our versatile shredder. Contact us today to get a free quote for your needs.

A metal scrap shear machine is available too.

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