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Automatic Fibre Baler

Our automatic fibre balers also called automatic palm fire balers which are specially designed for automatically recycling oil palm fiber, coir fiber, alfalfa, hays and more. The customization of the automatic palm fiber balers enables the operators to perfectly recycle oil palm fiber and other nature fibers. These are improved fibre baling based on the standard fully automatic balers since the oil palm fiber contains oil and owns very high expansion rate.

All the parts of the palm fiber baling machines are tailor-made to suit for 24hours running. They are specially designed for recycling and baling oil palm fiber with bales loading weight up to 19 tons in one 40HQ container when the fiber moisture is less than 15% (can load 24tons for coir fiber bales ). However, only 15 tons of the fiber bales can be loaded that are produced by other automatic baling machines or even lighter weight into one 40HQ container.

The automatic palm fibre balers are also divided into smaller and larger categories. The smaller model produces smaller bales with bale weight of up to 150kgs, which makes it easy to handle. The bigger plant fiber baling machine produces heavier bale weight up to 300kgs.


Model 1000W6174 1250W11085
Main Cylinder Size Ø220 Ø250
Main Motor Power 45kw 55kw
Strapping Lines 4lines 4lines
Bale Size (L*W*H, L is adjustable) 1100*610*740mm 1100*1100*850mm
Bale Weight (approx./depend on 15% moisture of the fiber) 130-150kgs 260-300kgs
Throughput (depends on the fibre feeding speed and fibre moisture) 0.8-1.5tons/h 1.5-3tons/h
Machine Weight 11tons 19tons
Machine Overall Dimension 8800*3000*3500mm 9800*4000*4000mm
Feeding Device Conveyor Conveyor

These Automatic Balers can process all the loose materials but specially customized to recycle below materials:

Oil palm fiber/ coir fiber


After Compressing

automatic baler for hay

Alfalfa / hays


hay baler for sale

After Compressing

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