MacBaler’s semi-auto press series semi-automatic balers possess a specialized architecture with a closed gate, which provides a vast selection on the waste recycling. This makes the semi-auto press series baler compactors provide higher density bales when recycle and compress almost all the loose materials, especially for hollow plastic waste like plastic bottles, plastic barrels, cans, and tins. The semi-automatic balers of semi-auto press series baling have the range of baling capacities from 0.5ton per hour to 3tons per hour. The capacity varies in accordance with the densities and feeding speed of raw material, as well as the operators’ skills related to manual strapping (there is no strapping for aluminium can baler). The maintenance of our semi-automatic balers is very simple and quite easy. Let us tell you about the best choices available that can fulfill your baling and recycling needs.

For the customers looking forward to making the best choices while needing manual strapping and bales with higher densities, the semi-automatic plastic baler can prove to be the right choice to process plastic waste and paper waste.
The aluminum can baler for sale at MacBaler’s semi-auto press series is appropriate for compacting stamping press waste such as plates of aluminum, cans and tins etc. without strapping.  Wear plates of high strength are used for lining scrap for bringing all parts of the press to it. Heavy continuous operations performed by the aluminium can baler are also supported by the solid welded designs of construction.
The performance and results of our semi-auto baler compactors range have gained a lot of attention from the market. We claim that international standards of quality are met by the whole range of Hydraulic Baling Press manufactured by MacBaler.
Our semi-automatic balers are very convenient to be used and have a high durability.