Horizontal compactors also called horizontal baler and horizontal baling press. It compresses the waste differently. Just like the vertical compactor, it also acts as a cardboard baler, plastic baler, and paper baler, but the way it processes them all is a little different. The waste is sent to a hopper where a side ram compresses the waste horizontally when it gets full. Then, it forces the compressed waste out. Its advantages over vertical compactors include higher volume, consistency, convenience, and wider applications.

Horizontal compactors include fully automatic horizontal compactors and semi-automatic horizontal compactors. Both of them have the horizontally compressing way but the capacity ot these two types is very different. Fully automatic compactors provide different capacity models from 1ton per hour to 20tons per hour. However, the semi-automatic horizontal compactors only provide different models with capacity from 0.5ton per hour to 3tons per hour.

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