Plant fiber baling machines are widely used in the oil palm fiber plants. Basically, palm fiber plants are specially equipped for the extraction of oil palm residue. Since the palm fiber has oil in it, bailing and compressing is much harder than other materials. We manufacture plant fiber baling machines that are specifically designed for the recycling of the oil palm fibers. It is very important that the process would continue for 24 hours without any interruption in the middle. To ensure that, our baler machines are tailor-made that produce efficient and effective results.

How Do We Ensure Efficiency?

As mentioned above, the oil contained in palm fiber makes the process of recycling and compacting a lot more difficult than others. We ensure 24 hours uninterrupted bailing by connecting with the automatic palm fibers processing line. The hand-press series of plant fiber baling machines are unsuitable for this plant because there are a lot of chances of interruption in them due to manual strapping. However, if you need to compress very less volume, then you can go for this one. Usually, the customers need bulk recycling on the palm fiber production line; therefore, we always advise them to go for our fully automatic balers that are more efficient and powerful. These are the only balers that are capable of controlling the lubrication that occurs during the process due to the presence of oil.

Recycling and compacting oil palm fiber plants require the best quality with intricate machine design and parts tooling. Our palm fiber baler machine is the one that meets all those requirements. Remember, a single error during the process can cost you a lot. Our first unit of automatic palm fiber bailing machine has been running for more than seven years now with 24 hours daily working. The machines are given just 12 hours rest in a week. We pride ourselves in making such robust baler machine and gaining satisfied reviews from our customers.