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mini cardboard baler mini baler mini cardboard baler mini plastic baler

Mini Baler/ Small Baler

Also known as small balers, the hand press series mini balers are used for compressing and recycling waste paper, waste plastic cans and tins etc.; thereby serving as the mini cardboard baler and mini baler for sale. Small balers are used by vessels, hotels, resorts, recycling centers, and paper mills. Since these are mini balers, they have a small capacity of recycling which less than 500 kilograms of waste. The compact baler machine size requires only one to two square meters of area for installation.

While recycling, it’s pretty much likely that some liquid waste is left behind from the raw materials that were being used in the mini baler. For collecting that liquid waste, a liquid collector is specially integrated under the mini baler. Furthermore, an automatic chain bale ejector is equipped for efficiently and effectively ejecting the bales out from the mini cardboard compactors.

Mini balers are available in two sizes including 600*400* (200-600) mm and 800*600*(300-800) mm, having a feeding size of 500*300mm and 700*400mm, respectively. Small balers with the size 600*400* (200-600) mm has two different hydraulic powers, i.e. 5 tons and 10 tons. However, the mini baler with the size 800*600* (300-800) has a hydraulic power of 20 tons.

Powerfull larger vertical two ram balers are optinal for you to compress and recycle large volume and more denser bales.


Model 50LA6040 100LA6040 200LA8060
Hydraulic Power 5tons 10tons 20tons
Motor Power 1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw
Feeding Size (L*H) 500*300mm 500*300mm 700*400mm
Baling Chamber Height 900mm 900mm 1200mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, H is adjustable) 600*400*(200-600)mm 600*400*(200-600)mm 800*600*(300-800)mm
Bale Weight 15-40kgs 20-50kgs 50-120kgs
Machine Weight 500kgs 800kgs 1000kgs
Machine Overall Dimension 900*600*2200mm 1000*800*2250mm 1200*800*2550mm

This Baler can process following materials:

MacBaler-Waste paper/ cardboard

Waste paper/cardboard


After Compressing

Printing Waist

Paper trim/cardboard


After Compressing

box compactor |MacBaler

Cartons / boxes


carton compactor |MacBaler

After Compressing

Plastic bottles /soft plastic


After Compressing

Aluminum can baler

Pop cans/ tins


can baler for sale

After Compressing

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