Waste compactors for waste recycling centers are the largest market where waste balers are sold because they compress the waste into manageable sizes that help in reducing pollution and makes transportation ten times easier than before. Since the waste recycling centers rely completely on recycling all kinds of wastes, it needs different types of trash compactors for different materials.

Waste compactors can process several materials including papers, cardboard, OCC, ONP, printing waste, books, magazines, plastic films, PET bottles, cans, or tins. You don’t have to worry about recycling any one of these, as you will easily find a suitable waste baler machine from us to meet your bailing demands. Stick around to know what types of waste compactors are available and which one fits your needs.

What Should You Buy?

Remember, every waste compactor for waste recycling centers has its own specifications so you should always choose the one according to your need. For that, you must know at what rate you need compressing and recycling. For instance, if you need to process more than 3 tons of recycling waste paper per hour, then you should go for the 3-6 automatic baler. This is the only one in the list that’s going to meet your exact requirement.

However, if you want to try different automatic trash compactor for waste recycling centers, you can do that as well. According to your different bailing capacity requirements, you can try our auto press series baler compactors. We have ten different models of fully automatic waste baler and each one has different bailing speed. So, know what your requirement is and then choose one from these.

Well, what if your need is less than 1 ton recycling waste per hour? In that case, we advise you go with our hand press series mini baler, cardboard baler, or plastic baler. You may also need the semi-auto press series waste compactor for sale if you prefer a conveyor to help you to deliver the waste to the baler to compress and recycle but with manual strapping.