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MacBaler- Box shear

Scrap Shear Machine/Scrap Metal Shear for sale

A Metal Scrap Shear, also referred to as a scrap metal shear, scrap shear for sale, or box shear, serves as a crucial tool for shearing various scrap metal materials. It facilitates the precise cutting of an array of scrap metals, including square steel, nickel plate, steel plate, round steel, steel pipe, scrap copper, scrap steel, scrap iron, metal blocks, automobile bodies, aluminum alloys, copper materials, iron scraps, steel wires, and metal blocks.

The capacity of a Metal Scrap Shear ranges from 5 tons to 20 tons, contingent upon the specific model chosen. This versatile equipment finds extensive utility across industries such as rolling steel mills, waste steel recycling companies, metal plants, smelters, and metal processing works.

Distinguished by its ability to efficiently process a diverse spectrum of scrap metals, a Metal Scrap Shear stands as an indispensable asset in the realm of metal recycling and processing.

Should your aim be to compact your metal scraps into manageable bales, our scrap baling machine stands as your optimal solution.


Model CS630 CS800
Cutting Pressure 3142KN *2 3974KN *2
Pressing Pressure 1539KN*1 1539KN*1
Cutting Mouth Size 1400*400mm 1600*400mm
Unloading Cycle Time 3times/min. 3times/min.
Cutting Mouth Size 1400*400mm 1600*400mm
Unloading Cycle Time 3times/min. 3times/min.
Throughput 10-12t/h 15-20t/h
Machine Overall Dimension 9280*3200*3630mm 9434*4400*3750m
Steel Thickness Can Cut
Round Steel
Square Steel
H Steel

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