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Clothing Baler/ Wool Baler

The clothing balers of hand press series is also called wool balers or textile balers. These clothing baler machines are popular for pressing and recycling the second-hand clothes, comforters, wool, etc. The clothing recycling plants and wool distributors widely use these clothing balers as they reduce the cost of delivering the raw material.

The compaction and tightness of baling and without staining are ensured due to the lifting of the clothing baler chamber by hydraulic pressure. As a result, wrapping and strapping of bales are made easy. The hydraulic power generated by smaller wool baler is 30 tons. However, the medium and larger wool balers deliver 50 tons and 120 tons of hydraulic power, respectively.

The overall sizes and motor power of small, medium, and large clothing baler for sale are 600*400*400mm and 5.5 kilowatts, 800*600*450mm and 11 kilowatts, and 1100*700*500mm and 15 kilowatts, respectively.

A swivel dual chamber baler is available to get 45kg bales and with dual chamber design which greatly enhance the working efficiency.


Model 300L6040 500L8060 1200L11070
Hydraulic Power 30tons 50tons 120tons
Motor Power 5.5kw 11kw 15kw
Feeding Size (L*H) 600*600mm 800*800mm 1100*950mm
Baling Chamber Height 1500mm 1800mm 1900mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, H is adjustable) 600*400*400mm 800*600*450mm 1100*700*500mm
Bale Weight 40-50kgs 90-110kgs 180-220kgs
Machine Weight 1800kgs 2800kgs 5000kgs
Machine Overall Dimension 1320*800*3700m 1600*1000*4200mm 2000*1200*4500mm

This Baler can process following materials:

Second-hand Clothing,Comforters,Shoes

Used clothing / wool


After Compressing

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