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plastic baler paper compactor box baler

3-6 Tons/H baling capacity of Balers

These 3-6 automatic box balers for sale have a larger capacity ranging from 3 to 6 tons of recycling cardboard box/paper box per hour. Like 1-3 automatic balers they also serve as cardboard and box compactor, and are famous in recycling centers, paper mills and box mills. Also, it helps waste recycling centers to process plastic waste together. Due to the larger capacity, these carton compactors are the most helpful in beer beverages to process large quantities of boxes.

These box compactor are also divided into two sub-categories: small and large. The smaller box balers for sale presses around 155CBM of boxes per hour. However, the larger one has the capacity of proceeding 242CBM of beer cartons waste per hour.

If you prefer much larger baler compactor to recycle and compress your carton waste, then click here to get larger paper baler machine details.

Recommended equipment or device that connect with the box baler:

– Anti-jam cylinders are optional to help process the jams and clear obstructions that come into the process
– A bottle perforator is optional to be equipped on the box baler to pre-perforate bottles before compressing so that enhance the bale density of the bottles
– A conveyor feeding device is optional to feed waste into the carton compactor for compressing so that enhance the waste delivery efficiency


Model 600W11075 800W11080
Main Cylinder Size Ø180 Ø180
Main Motor Power 22kw 37.5kw
Strapping Lines 4lines 4lines
Bale Size (L*W*H, L is adjustable) L*1100*750mm L*1100*800mm
Bale Density (OCC) 400-500kgs/m3 400-500kgs/m3
Throughput (depends on raw material density and feeding speed) 3-5tons/h 4-6tons/h
Machine Weight 14tons 15tons
Machine Overall Dimension 8000*4000*3500mm 8000*4000*3500mm
Feeding Device Conveyor Conveyor

This baler used to process following materials:

MacBaler-Waste paper/ cardboard

Waste paper/cardboard


After Compressing

Printing Waist

Paper trim/cardboard


After Compressing

paper recycling |MacBaler

Books / Newspaper


baler for ONP |MacBaler

After Compressing

box compactor |MacBaler

Cartons / boxes


carton compactor |MacBaler

After Compressing

Plastic bottles /soft plastic


After Compressing

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