Who Are We?

MacBaler is one of the top baling machine manufacturers in China for hydraulic baling press machines (baler machines) and waste compactor machines (baler compactors). It has been providing the most durable baler machines and optimal recycling solutions to its customers for almost 3.5 decades. It was established on 1st October 1981 with an aim of manufacturing recycling machines.

We started off as suppliers for plastic crushers and cardboard shredders, wood chippers and wood pellet mill, plastic compactor machines, carton compactors and hay balers. However, we analyzed the emerging market development and turned our focus on manufacturing and researching only on hydraulic baling press machines and waste compactor machines on 14th August 2006.

Years of Experience
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Models of Hydraulic Baling Press
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What We Provide

The categorized division of hydraulic baling press machine makes it easy for the customers to find a suitable one as per their needs. We provide 31 models of hydraulic baling press machines, including auto-press, semi-auto press and hand-perss series to meet the baling needs of customers. Our company is committed to providing the most durable hydraulic baling press machines (baler machines) and optimal baling press solutions on recycling cardboards, papers, cartons, OCC, ONP, plastics, coir fiber, palm fiber, alfalfa, hays, textile, used clothes, alumihttps://www.macbaler.com/baler-type/fully-automatic-balers/num scraps, wool, tins, and cans etc..

  • Macbaler has been serving customers in more than 46 countries all over the globe.

  • Having more than 30 years of recycling experience.

  • Assisting our customers and averting their compressing and recycling troubles that help them solve many facets.

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Our Achievments

We pride ourselves in holding an array of achievements. Our success story started with the export of the first unit of customized ‘Automatic Baler’ for Palm Fiber, to Malaysia in the year 2010. In the following year, we launched an automatic Two Ram Baler with PP Strap, thereby enabling the customers to select steel wire or PP strap for their hydraulic baling press machines and waste compactor machines.

We hit another massive victory in 2014 by becoming China’s top second baler exporter. That year, our sales volume of hydraulic baling press reached up to 412 units.

This year has been yet another victorious year for us so far, as we are awarded the Most Durable Baling Press Machine Supplier by the Palm Oil Miller Association of Malaysia (POMA).