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Two Ram Baler

Our two ram balers are specially designed to handle rigid and tougher materials, often referred to as rigid plastic balers. What sets these balers apart is their incorporation of two rams, which expertly balance uneven loads and pressures, allowing them to efficiently process almost all loose materials.

Their exceptional capability lies in the powerful hydraulic pack they employ to compact rigid plastics and similar hard materials, as well as enable efficient compression of aluminum scraps, profiles, cans, tins without the need for strapping.

We offer two categories of two ram balers or rigid plastic balers: small and large, each tailored to distinct needs. The specifications for the smaller baler include a robust 120 tons of hydraulic power, ensuring the efficient recycling of sturdy and rigid materials. Powered by a 15-kilowatt motor, it boasts a feeding size of 1100*700mm and produces bales with dimensions of 1100*700*(300-1000)mm. In contrast, our larger models are even mightier, featuring an impressive 150 tons of hydraulic power, backed by an 18.5-kilowatt motor. These balers maintain the same feeding size as their smaller counterparts but result in plastic bales measuring 1100*1100*(300-1000)mm.

For those seeking greater capacity, we offer semi-automatic plastic balers, capable of efficiently compressing and recycling larger quantities of waste. These machines are designed to facilitate your recycling endeavors, ensuring a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to managing all kinds of waste.


Model 120LB11070 150LB110110
Hydraulic Power 120tons 150tons
Motor Power 15kw 18.5kw
Feeding Size (L*H) 1100*700mm 1100*700mm
Baling Chamber Height 1700mm 1700mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, H is adjustable) 1100*700*(300-1000)mm 1100*1100*(300-1000)mm
Bale Weight 80-240kgs 150-450kgs
Machine Weight 4000kgs 7000kgs
Machine Overall Dimension 1800*900*3600mm 1800*1500*3600mm

These Two Ram Balers can process almost all the loose materials but specially designed to process the following materials:

MacBaler-Waste paper/ cardboard

Waste paper/cardboard


After Compressing

Printing Waist

Paper trim/cardboard


After Compressing

Plastic bottles /soft plastic


After Compressing

Rigid Plastics

Rigid plastic/ hard materials


After Compressing

Aluminum can baler

Pop cans / tin cans


After Compressing

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