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Vertical Heavy Duty Baler for Natural Fiber

Fiber balers, also known as palm fiber balers and coir fiber balers or Alfalfa balers. They belong to heavy duty vertical balers which are the bailing machine that compress all types of natural fibers such as palm fiber, coir fiber, alfalfa, flax, straw and hay etc. Compressing and recycling fibers require a lot of power and energy so that ensure higher density of bales. Therefore, even the smaller coir fiber balers and palm fiber balers with the overall size of 1100*400*(400-1200) mm. Despite the small size, they are capable of producing the hydraulic power of 150 tons and have motors with 18.5 kilowatts power to carry the function in the most effective way. However, if more power is needed, then the larger coir fiber balers of size 1200*800* (400-1200) mm are used in which, hydraulic power reaches 200 tons and motors deliver 22 kilowatts of power.

As a result, the powerful hydraulic pack ensures delivery of enough power for pressing the large expansion rate of palm fiber. The front and back opening doors design of our coir fiber balers and palm fiber balers ensure the convenience of bales strapping. Furthermore, an automatic bale chain ejector or auto cylinder ejector is equipped for ejecting the bales out of the coir fiber baler machine in a more competent and effective manner.

Automatic fiber baler is available to recycle and compress the fiber by full automatic and larger capacity.

The bale size can be customized according to your specific needs. Hydraulic door opening system makes the door opening more easier.


Model 1500F11040 2000F12080
Hydraulic Power 150tons 200tons
Motor Power 18.5kw 22kw
Feeding Size (L*H) 1100*500mm 1200*500mm
Baling Chamber Height 1700mm 1700mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, H is adjustable) 1100*400*(400-1200)mm 1200*800*(400-1200)mm
Bale Weight 80-240kgs 100-300kgs
Machine Weight 4000kgs 6000kgs
Machine Overall Dimension 3400*900*3500mm 3500*1350*3700mm

This Baler can process following materials:

Oil palm fiber/ coir fiber


After Compressing

automatic baler for hay

Alfalfa / hays


hay baler for sale

After Compressing

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