Baler Compactors for Papermill and Cardboardmill Printers

A baler compactor is needed in different sectors; therefore, we have a huge selling market. The paper and cardboard mill, as well as box mill industry generates a massive amount of paper waste on daily basis. Therefore, it is one of the strong markets where we sell our automatic paper baling press and manual cardboard balers. With the advancement of technology, especially that of the printing press, disposable papers became common. As a result, a drastic increase in paper pollution has been observed. In the U.S.A. alone, the paper makes up 40% of the total generated waste. A baler compactor plays an important role in reducing this pollution.

How do Our Balers work for Paper Compressing?

Our baler machines are equipped with cyclone or conveyor that connect with the production line, thereby easing the delivery process of paper waste to the automatic bailing press for compressing and recycling. However, when there is a cyclone connected with the baler, shredding fans compulsory that matches with the waste paper delivery line. In order to maximize efficiency and minimize the dust pollution, a bag or cyclone filter dust collecting system is optional with a cyclone.

What are the Available Options?

There are two options available for the paper mill industry. However, you have to choose one as per the availability of your labor. If you have lesser number of labor forces, we advise you to go with our fully automatic baler compactors. However, if the number of labor is sufficient enough, then you should go for our mini baler for sale or mill size cardboard baler. That’s right, cardboard compactors or cardboard balers work well too.

We bet these two machines will be your best choice for bailing and pressing paper waste by manual feeding and manual strapping.

Well, if you decide to stick with the conveyor to feed the paper waste to the baler compactor for compressing, then the semi-automatic paper baler for sale will be your best choice to recycle the paper waste. Note that your choice should be same if you also prefer manual strapping.