When we talk about recycling, bale compactor is of supreme importance. It makes easier for a bulk amount of recycling material to be packed and carried in a compact storage; thereby reducing the shipment complexity. There are two types of recycling compactor including horizontal compactors and vertical compactors. Here, we will discuss both, individually.

Let’s discuss the vertical compactor first. It is a waste compactor that compresses and presses wastes by applying the downward vertical force. It includes cardboard baler or compactor, plastic compactor, mini compactor, fibre compactor and two ram compactor. The waste that includes cardboard, plastic, paper, or foam is sent to a chamber. When the chamber gets full, the baler ram moves down forward where it press the waste into tight bale. The advantages of vertical compactors over horizontal compactors include smaller footprints, cost, and the variety of material processed.

You can always find a suitable compactor between the vertical compactors and horizontal compactors.