Our briquette machine for sale is capable of processing a wide range of materials, making it a versatile and efficient tool for various industries. It can handle the following materials:

  1. Lime, talcum powder, phosphorite powder, stone foam, dust, cement, ceramic powder, and other fine powders.
  2. Metal powders or chips of copper, iron, aluminum, steel, zinc, silicon, magnesium, and other metallurgical materials.
  3. Biomass materials like coconut peat, palm peat, peanut shells, wheat bran, and others used for energy generation and agricultural applications.
  4. Mineral powders such as coal dust, coking coal, coke foam, and various types of coal and coke products.
  5. Non-metal materials like salt licks, fishing bait, fish powder medication, and more.

MacBaler-briquetting machine for sale2

MacBaler- briquetting machine for fish powder medication

MacBaler- briquetting machine for sale1

MacBaler- briquetting machine for salt licks

With the ability to process such a diverse range of materials, our briquette machine offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution for recycling and reusing various industrial and agricultural by-products. Whether you need to compress metal scraps, biomass, minerals, or other materials into high density briquettes of different shapes and sizes, our briquette machine can meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how our briquette machine can benefit your operations and contribute to environmental sustainability.

MacBaler- metal chips briquetting machine

MacBaler- metal chips/ powder briquetting machine