We manufacture a complete line of hydraulic baling press suitable for a wide range of industries. The baler markets including but not limited to:

Animal Bedding/ Animal Fodder/ Growing Media Factories/ Farms

In animal bedding/fodder factories, growing media factories and farms, dealing with large volumes of biomass materials like wood shavings, shredded paper, corncobs, rice husks, straw, alfalfa, sawdust, cottonseed hull, ensilage fodder, palm peat, coco chips and coco peat can be a challenging task. However, our baling and bagging baler machines or briquette press machines for biomass offer an efficient solution.

By using our baling and bagging baler machines or briquette press machines, you can easily compress and package these biomass materials with high efficiency. Once the tight and compact bale is formed, the packaging process is complete as well. Our machines offer flexibility in bale weight, ranging from 0.3kg to 40kg, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your specific needs.

With our baler machines or briquette press machines, you can streamline your biomass processing operations, save time and labor, and effectively manage your biomass waste. Contact us today to explore how our machines can enhance the efficiency of your biomass compression and packaging processes.

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Steel Works/ Aluminum Extrusion Factories

In steel works and aluminum extrusion factories, a large volume of different metal scraps needs to be recycled on a daily basis. Whether it’s steel scraps, metal leftovers, aluminum scraps, or aluminum profiles, we have the perfect solution to meet your unique baling requirements – our metal scrap baler machines.

With our metal scrap baler machines, you can efficiently compress these metal scraps into various shapes such as bales, blocks, cylinders, or polygons, depending on your specific needs. Our balers are designed to handle a wide range of metal materials, making the recycling process easier and more effective.

No matter the size or type of metal scraps you have, our metal baler machines will provide a reliable and efficient solution for your recycling needs.

Paper Mill/ Cardboard Mill/ Printers

There are much volume of paper waste generated from the paper mill production line every day. A cyclone or conveyor or even both cyclone and conveyor is required to connect with the production line so that efficiently help the paper mill to deliver the paper waste to the automatic baling press to recycle and compress.

However, if you have availability labor, then you can select our manual cardboard baler or mini baler for sale. These two machines will be your best choice to bale and press paper waste by manual feeding and manual strapping.

If you still prefer a conveyor or cyclone to help you to feed the paper waste to the baler machine to compress and you still prefer manual strapping, then semi-automatic paper baler for sale will be your best choice to recycle your waste paper.

Explore balers for this industry
Explore balers for this industry

Waste Recycling Centres

There are many different wastes required to recycle every day by recycling centers. They are waste paper, cardboard, OCC, ONP, printing waste, books, magazines, plastic film, PET bottles, cans or tins. No matter what materials they are, you will find a suitable baler machine to meet your unique baling request.

For example, if you only proceed more than 3tons of waste paper and plastic per hour, then the 3-6 automatic baler will be your best choice. This machine can help you to proceed 3-6tons of waste paper per hour.
According to your different baling capacity requirements, you can select our auto press series automatic balers to meet your different baling speed among our 10models of fully automatic balers.

However, if you only have less than 1ton waste to recycle per hour, then our hand press series mini baler, cardboard baler and plastic baler, as well as semi-auto press series baler machines should suit your needs.

Used Clothing Recycling Plants

In the used clothing recycling plant, you must need to keep all the used clothing away from staining or spoiling during transportation after compressing and strapping. Then our clothes baling machine will be your best choice. The special lift chamber design makes you can wrap the material before strapping.

Explore balers for this industry
Explore balers for this industry

Fibre Plants

No matter you are oil palm fibre plant or coir fiber plant, a automatic fibre baling machine or manual fibre baling machine is must.

MacBaler’s automatic palm fiber baling machines are tailor-made for recycling and compressing the high expansion rate of oil palm fibre. In the oil palm fibre plant, it requires 24hours uninterrupted working. It requires very high quality requirements on the machine design and parts tooling. Our first unit of automatic palm fiber baling machine has been running for 7 years for 24hours working everyday.

There are two models for your option. The smaller palm press provide 150kgs bale weight and the bigger model provide 300kgs oil palm bales based on the 15% of fibre moisture .