If you have decided to buy a baler machine, then it is important to know the available costs in the market. The price of machines varies according to its capacity and manufacturing. Even though we have the most affordable bailing compactors in town, we want to make you aware of the market cost of each type of baler so that you can have a sneak peek at your budget before making a purchase. In this article, we have listed down the most cost-effective balers in order.

  1. The Hand-Press Series

The most cost effective is the manual balers of hand-press series, but they require manual feeding and strapping. Most importantly, with lesser price comes less capacity, i.e. less than 1000 kg/hour of recycling. It is important for you to know that some models such as the mini baler provide even lesser capacity i.e. less than 500 kg/hour. However, the overall size of these balers is small, so it is suitable only for the lesser usage.

  1. The Semi-Auto Series

The second on the list is the semi-auto series baler machines. The horizontal balers in this series enable you to connect it with a conveyor that ensures continuous material feeding at a fast speed. However, these balers also require manual strapping, which, indeed, isn’t suitable if you need a more automated one and reduce your number of labors. This makes the capacity of these balers up to 3000 kg/hour. However, the capacity can be decreased even more as it also depends on the operator’s strapping skills and the density of raw material.

  1. The Auto-Press Series

The last on our list is the auto-press series baler. Coming last on this list means these balers are the most expensive of all, but they provide a fully automated bailing system. As a result, the capacity of these automatic balers increases and the labor work decreases. The largest automatic baler process waste materials up to 20tons per hour.


These are the top three cost-effective balers. However, the material’s feeding speed must be synchronized with the baler machine’s bailing speed both for semi-auto and auto press series so that you can get an idea of the capacity.