A metal baler, also known as scrap metal baler, aluminum can compactor or scrap metal baler, is widely used for compressing various metal materials. It can efficiently compress aluminum scraps, aluminum profiles, scrap fillings, cans, tins, metal leftovers, steel shavings, steel scraps into tight briquettes, cake or hexagon. The compression process eliminates the need for strapping, reducing costs and making it a cost-effective solution for metal scraps recycling.


Scrap metal balers are widely utilized in various industries such as recycling centers, steelworks, and aluminum extrusion factories due to their efficient and effective working mechanism. These metal scrap compactors provide a reliable solution for handling metal scraps and improving waste management practices.

We offer a diverse range of metal scrap compactors to cater to different needs. Our product lineup includes small aluminum can baler designed for single-person operation, as well as larger models that facilitate the feeding of scraps using a claw, conveyor, or other compatible equipment. We prioritize versatility and flexibility to ensure our solutions meet the unique requirements of our customers.

The capacity of our metal scrap balers can reach up to 90 pieces bales per hour. For scrap iron, the bale density is  2290 kg/m³, while for iron sheets, it is 2500 kg/m³ based on different requirements. Hence, the cost for different metal baler is very different, from small to the heavy duty type, the price can be from USD 2,990 to USD 78,700 based on different size and capacity.

Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and tailor your metal scrap balers. We understand that every customer has unique needs and we are committed to providing personalized solutions that meet your exact specifications.

If you prefer a vertical baler machine for processing aluminum scraps/cans, we recommend our manual style of small vertical balers or can baler, also known as small baling machines. These balers require manual feeding and strapping but offer the advantage of occupying minimal floor space and being cost-effective. Alternatively, we also offer heavy-duty manual vertical balers – two ram balers, which eliminate the need for strapping and have a large press force of over 100 tons.

Simply inform us about the materials you wish to recycle and the daily scrap waste processing volume, and we will recommend or customize a machine that best fits your specific requirements. We are committed to meeting all your baling needs for aluminum cans and other metal scraps. Contact us today to get your machine.

MacBaler-Mini scrap metal baler

MacBaler-Mini scrap metal baler

MacBaler- Metal-scrap-baler-compactor- heavy duty type

MacBaler- Metal scrap baler compactor- heavy duty type

MacBaler-automatic aluminum scrap baler

MacBaler-automatic aluminum scrap baler