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MacBaler- palm peat after compressing

Growing Media-Palm Peat/ Palm Short Fiber

Palm peat, also known as palm short fiber, can be made into pellets, bales or blocks serves as an excellent growing media similar to coco peat due to its exceptional water retention capabilities. Unlike peat moss, it is easily renewable, making it an eco-friendly choice. Derived from the empty palm fruit bunch (EFB) after oil pressing, the palm peat undergoes shredding, drying, crushing and compressing with a baling and baling machine or pelletizing processes with a pelletizer machine. This results in bales and pellets, making it convenient to handle and transport.

MacBaler- palm peat processing two types

MacBaler- palm peat processing

After compressing and packaging, all the palm peat bales can be easily stored.

Macbaler- palm peat after pressing and packaging

Macbaler- palm peat after compressing and packaging

Due to its low cost and rich nutritional content, palm short fiber finds widespread use in mushroom cultivation. Its affordability and nutrient-rich properties make it an ideal choice for promoting healthy growth and enhancing yields in these agricultural practices. Embrace the benefits of palm short fiber to optimize your mushroom planting and plant cultivation endeavors efficiently and economically.

MacFiber- Mushroom growing media-palm peat

MacFiber- Mushroom growing media-palm peat

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