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MacBaler- coco peat after briquetting

Growing Media- Coco Peat/ Coconut Coir

Coco peat, also known as coco coir, derived from coconut hulls, is not only eco-friendly but also naturally sterile, making it a favored choice among gardeners. Its loose and breathable texture allows it to absorb an impressive 8 times its weight in water, retaining nutrients for plant roots to access when needed. A remarkable feature of coco coir is its reusability, as it doesn’t rot, making it a sustainable option. Its high absorbency reduces the need for frequent plant food application, making it a preferred growing medium for gardening enthusiasts worldwide. Ensure proper hydration to maintain healthy roots and unlock the potential of coco coir in your garden.

With the help of a briquette press machine, coco peat can be easily transformed into versatile forms such as blocks, bricks, cakes or other shapes you desire, all available in different sizes and weights. This flexibility allows the coco peat to be tailored precisely to meet specific requirements and diverse applications.

MacBaler- coco peat blocks after briquetting

MacFiber- coco peat blocks after briquetting

MacBaler- coco peat bricks after packaging

MacFiber- coco peat bricks after packaging

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