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palm pellet

Palm Pellet (EFB Pellet)

Palm pellet comes in many forms, including, Mesocarp pellet, EFB pellet, and Oil Palm tree truck pellet. The differences in the names are because of the difference in the raw materials that are used in them. Here, we are specifically discussing specifications of the EFB pellets. Let’s have a look!

The EFB pellet’s raw material is the hollow fruit bunch dumped out of the mill of crude palm oil. At first, the shredded EFB fiber goes through the pelletization process, which converts it into the EFB pellet. It is simply the four-step process that includes crushing and breaking down, drying the moisture, pelleting, cooling the final product, and then packing. Once converted, the EFB pellet is then used as a reliable resource of biofuel. Malaysia is famous for oil palm agriculture where the shredded EFB is largely converted into EFB pellet and then used as an energy source.

The advantages of palm pellet include low moisture, high efficiency and heating energy, easy handling and storing, and simple transportation through easy boarding applications. Palm pellet is also suitable and compatible with almost all boiler grating system, and produces very little smoke during combustion.

Palm pellets are widely used for fuels and feeds; however, the formulas for both of them are entirely different. The special formula makes them easily digestible for animals. The moisture of palm pallet is low, i.e. 10% having a caloric value up to 4500 kcal/kg. The diameter is between 8 mm and 10 mm. It is worth mentioning that the efb pellet price is quite economical and the product is of high durability standards.

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