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palm pellet

Palm Pellet (EFB Pellet)

Palm pellets come in different forms, including carbonized palm pellets, EFB pellets, and Oil Palm tree pellets, each named after the specific raw materials used. In this context, we will focus on EFB pellets.

The raw material for EFB pellets is the fresh empty fruit bunches (EFB) obtained from the crude palm oil mill. There are two types of tooling processes for EFB pellets. One involves a hydrolysis process to reduce ash content and increase burning value, making them ideal for biomass burning. These pellets can be used in almost all boiler grating systems and produce minimal smoke during combustion.

The second type of tooling process includes shredding, drying, crushing, and pelletizing the EFB, which is then used as a reliable growing medium. In Malaysia, a country known for oil palm agriculture, large volumes of EFB can be processed into EFB palm pellets or palm bales, becoming an excellent agricultural planting medium.

MacBaler- palm peat processing -pellets

MacBaler- palm peat processing -pellets

The benefits of palm pellets as growing media include rich nutrition, low moisture content, easy handling, storage, and transportation.

Test item Unit Test method (reference) Test result
Crude ash % GB/T 6438-2007 4.7
Crude fiber g/kg GB/T 6438-2006 502
Crude fiber g/kg GB/T 6438-2006 20
Crude protein % GB/T 6432-1994 7.2 4.41
Lignin % GB/T 20805-2006 11.8
Phosphorus % GB/T 6437-2002 <0.01
Calcium mg/kg GB/T 13885-2003 1538.7
Magnesium mg/kg GB/T 13885-2003 1096.4
Zinc mg/kg GB/T 13885-2003 25.4
Polysporin mg/kg GB/T 20769-2008 N/A

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