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Aluminium Can Baler

Recycling aluminum cans, scraps, and tins are of supreme importance. These aluminum can balers are also called can balers or metal balers. They are specially manufactured to compress aluminum waste into the cuboid shape. The compressing is done without any strapping which means there is no strapping materials cost and smelting cost involved. These aluminum can baler for sale are widely used by recycling centers due to their efficient and proficient working mechanism.

The larger aluminum can baler models can be customized to compress metal leftover, steel shavings, and steel scraps. Furthermore, the optional manual and automatic control systems of the aluminum baler enable the automation of machine and allow the manual use as well. The choice is users.

The available model of these aluminum can balers is divided into following four parts

  • Main cylinder
  • Plate cylinder
  • Bales outdoor cylinder
  • Ejecting cylinder

Two different sizes of these aluminum can balers are available, including 600×240×H mm with the chamber size 1400×600×600 mm and 500×500×H mm having a chamber size 2000×1400×900 mm.


Model 1350Y81Q 2500Y81T
1 Main Cylinder Type YG250/160 YG340/220
Pressure 1350 KN 2500 KN
Stroke 1720 mm 1820 mm
Qty. 1 pc 1 pc
2 Plate Cylinder Type YG160/105 YG180/120
Pressure 530 KN 635 KN
Stroke 1160 mm 1635 mm
Qty. 1 pc 1 pc
3 Bales Out Door Cylinder Type YG110/70 YG160/105
Pressure 250 KN 500 KN
Stroke 260 mm 580 mm
Qty. 2 pc 1 pc
4 Ejecting Cylinder Type N/A YG220/160
Pressure N/A 950KN×2
Stroke N/A 1500 mm
Qty. N/A 2 pc
5 Chamber Size 1400×600×600 mm 2000×1400×900 mm
6 Bales Size (L×W×H;H is adjustable) 600×240×H mm 500×500×H mm
7 Hydraulic Pressure 25 Mpa 25 Mpa
8 Cycle Time ~70 s ~160 s
9 Motor Type Y200L2-6 Y200L2-6
Rated Power 22 KW 22 KW
Rated Speed 970 rpm 970 rpm
Qty. 1 pc 2 pc
10 Pump Type 160YCY14-1B 160YCY14-1B
Flow Rate 160 ml/r 160 ml/r
Rated Pressure 31.5 MPa 31.5 MPa
Qty. 1 pc 2 pc
11 Machine Weight 6 ton 21 ton

This Aluminum Can Baler process the following materials:

Aluminum can baler

Cans / tins


After Compressing

small aluminum baler

Aluminum scrap


small aluminum baler

After Compressing

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