In the recycling industry, there is a high demand for baler machine’s functionality, technical durability, and user reliability. We are proud and experienced manufacturers of the bailing press machines. We have hit over a decade of experience now and the testimonials and customer reviews tell the story of our successes since then.

One of our very experienced operators has shared his experience that he has been operating two of our baler machines for 7 years with 3 shifts for 24 hours palm fiber production every day. So, the baler machines work 24 hours, no stop, but until the Friday afternoon because that is their holiday every week. He has claimed that those two balers are really durable as they have given him very little trouble. However, he has added that they need to do is regular maintenance, just like a cab requires regular maintenance. These bailers have been regarded as “the cash machines” by his boss. These appraising comments from the operator are further verified by the boss himself as he said that these are the most durable baler machines he has ever seen; running since over 7 years of 24 hours, which makes 21 years of lifespan. He showed complete satisfaction with the company products and termed the bailing machines as achievement. Due to the satisfactory results, he bought 8 units more of such baling machines from MacBaler and said that they are his “cash machines.”

It’s just an example! We have a lot of similar reviews and they are expected to be continued. What does MacBaler have to say about the success of his company? According to MacBaler, It’s easy for a manufacturer to provide bail machines with a lifespan of 21 years, but the quality requirement is really high for a machine to run 24 hours for over 7 years. MacBaler is specialized in meeting such demanding requirements have been quite successful so far. The mission is to supply the most durable bailing machines and provide the best service to all the customers.

For example, one of the achievements was the Malaysian market where MacBaler has supplied 49 units of fully automatic bailers to press and recycle their oil palm fiber. That greatly enhances the waste processing capacity, and in the meantime, we protect the environment (its headache for the government and the palm oil mills to face the mountains of waste palm empty fruit bunch fiber before). That’s also the reason why we have been awarded the Most Durable Baling Press Machine Supplier by the Palm Oil Miller Association of Malaysia (POMA).