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palm pressed fiber

Palm Pressed Fiber (ppf)

MacFibre is a leading supplier of various palm products, including palm peat, palm long fiber, palm pellet, palm shells, and palm pressed fibers. Let’s focus on MacFibre’s palm pressed fibers and their specifications.

Palm pressed fiber is a fibrous by-product obtained during the extraction of palm oil from oil palm fruits using a screw-press. It contains rich organic matter and often retains residual palm oil. These fibers serve as raw materials for palm fillets, palm pellets, palm peat, palm long fiber, and other products still under development.

One of the key uses of palm pressed fibers is as a source of soil reinforcement due to its mineral richness. It can also be combined with kernel shells to create a biomass fuel generator that produces a significant amount of heat, making it an excellent energy source. This biomass fuel is widely utilized in oil mill plants to generate electricity, resulting in substantial cost savings on diesel fuel.

The properties of fresh palm pressed fibers typically contain a moisture content between 48% and 52%, which is too high for easy transportation. To address this, the moisture level is reduced to 30% through drying before packaging and shipping.

MacBaler’s automatic palm fiber baler machine is specially designed to recycle and compress loose palm pressed fibers into dense and tight bales. By compactly packing the fibers, the 40HQ container can load approximately 22 tons, with a daily capacity of compressing 48 tons of palm pressed fibers.

For high-quality palm pressed fiber baling and efficient waste management solutions, MacBaler’s automatic baler machine is the ideal choice. Contact us today to learn more and enhance your palm fiber recycling process.

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