What’s the cardboard baler price?

If you’re considering buying a cardboard baler machine, it’s essential to be aware of the available costs in the market. The price of a cardboard baler varies based on its capacity and manufacturing. While we offer the most affordable cardboard baler in town, we want to provide you with an overview of market costs for each type of cardboard baler for sale, allowing you to plan your budget before making a purchase. Below are the most cost-effective cardboard balers listed in order:

Manual-Vertical Series:
The vertical cardboard balers of the hand-press series are the most cost-effective option. However, they require manual feeding and strapping. Their capacity is usually less than 1000 kg/hour, and some models like the mini cardboard baler provide even less capacity, i.e., less than 200 kg/hour. These balers are suitable for limited usage or limited space. Price range: USD 3000 to USD 8000.

Semi-Auto Series:
The second on the list is the semi-auto series cardboard baler machines. These horizontal cardboard balers can be connected to a conveyor for continuous material feeding at a fast speed. However, they still require manual strapping, which may not be ideal if you need a more automated process to reduce labor. The capacity of these baler machines is up to 3 tons/hour, depending on the operator’s strapping skills and the material density. Price range: USD 12500 to USD 40000.

Auto-Press Series:
The last on our list is the auto-press series cardboard baler. These automatic cardboard balers are the most expensive but offer a fully automated bailing system. They can handle larger capacities, up to 25 tons of waste paper/cardboard per hour. The price range for these automatic balers is from USD 15000 to USD 99000.

These are the top three cost-effective cardboard balers available. Remember that the material’s feeding speed should match the baler machine’s bailing speed, whether it’s a semi-auto or full auto press series, to determine the capacity accurately.