Bailer is actually another written of ‘baler’. What is a bailer? A bailer makes handling and carrying waste process much more convenient. The bailers make this complexity waste carrying and storing  much more easier by compressing almost every kind of material, ranging from very hard to very soft like paper, cardboard, OCC, ONP, books, magazines, plastic bottles, plastic film, rigid plastic, foam, palm fibre, coir fibre, alfalfa, hays, used clothing, wool, textile, cans, tins and aluminum scraps. Basically, these bailer machines are very popular in the waste recycling market. We manufacture cardboard bailer, paper bailer, and plastic bailer that are both automatic and manual.

We manufacture hydraulic power bailer machines to fit the mechanical needs of compressing. As a result, we provide cost-effective solutions to various recycling problems and waste reduction. We offer different sizes ranging from small to very large, especially for the compression of hard materials like rigid plastics, high expansion rate of materials like palm fiber and foam, normal waste material like paper and cardboard. Our bailing machine products stand out among other baliers due to the strong, efficient, and effective hydraulic powered engines, durability, reliability, and affordable price.

What are the Benefits?

Now, let’s tell you about the benefits of using our balers.

  • With the compressed and bailed materials, you can earn revenue. And, it amplifies when you use a reliable baler machine like ours.
  • It reduces labor cost as you do not need a team of men for compressing and handling. The compacted packs are a lot easier to carry so you end up hiring lesser number of labor forces for transporting, too.
  • The possible fire hazards coupled with the process of bailing are also reduced as our bailer machines produce efficient and effective results.
  • Apart from fire hazards, they also prevent you from tripping possibilities due to the highly engineered manufacturing.
  • Our products also enable you to track down your progress as they allow you to measure recycled quantities.
  • You really don’t have to worry if you have got a small area as they take up half the size of traditional compactors.
  • You need lesser fuel for shipping of the baler goods because a huge amount of compressed and recycled goods is carried on a truck. The goods that needed several trips for shipping in the past are carried just in one trip now.

However, there are several myths about bailers that aren’t true. We advise you to try our product and then decide whether or not to believe those myths. We hope your answer would be in opposition.