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palm shell (pks)

Palm Shell (pks)

Palm shell, also known as oil palm kernel shell is the best raw material for activated carbon. It is also famous as a natural fuel because its calorific value is capable of reaching up to 4800 kcal/kg. The calorific value and compact size of palm shell are the reason why it is famous as a biomass product. The high calorific value means a high capacity of generating heat. Palm kernel shell is basically the extracted kernel from the oil palm fruit. The moisture in palm shell is between 25% and 30% that reaches to 24% after natural drying. When the oil palm fruit goes through the process of palm oil separation, the kernel shell gets isolated and the kernel oil is then condensed further.

The oil palm kernel shell is now widely used as a biofuel resource for the products of biomass. Furthermore, palm shell has been placed under the category of renewable energy largely used in some of the successful countries in Europe and in Japan. It is also used as an alternative to wood chip. One 20 FCL container is capable of loading 19 tons of palm shell and one vessel can load 10,000 tons of palm kernel shell.

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