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Palm Fiber (long efb fiber)

Here, we are talking about MacFibre, the supplier of purest palm products made from palm fiber. The purity is ensured due to the use of MacBaler’s efficient and durable bail machine as the customers of MacFibre are the regular users of MacBaler’s baling press machines. We have already talked about the features of palm fibre. Now, we are moving on the characteristics of palm shells. Let’s see what it has!

Palm fiber are also called oil palm empty fruit bunch fiber (long EFB fiber). This material has low moisture of only less than 15%, as a result of which, these palm products remain away from mildewing during transportation. If we talk about the chemical properties of palm fibers, then it shows a high of cellulose content. However, the hemicelluloses content is pretty much low as compared to the rest of natural fibers. The long fiber chain that ranges up to 53% is the result of cellulose content. However, the hemicellulose is responsible for cellulose microfibrils that reduce the fiber strength up to 43%. The average density of palm fibers is between 0.7 and 1.55 g/cm3, which is much lesser than largely used synthetic fibers like carbon fibers and E-glass fibers. This is the reason why natural palm fibers are largely replacing the glass fibers for fabricating composite materials.

Despite the complex nature of these fibers, MacBaler’s automatic palm fiber baler machines are specially designed for compressing and bailing the loose oil palm fiber and converting them into dense and tight EFB fiber bales. As a result, approximately 19 tons of palm fibers are loaded into the 40 HQ containers that have a capacity of carrying more than 24 tons of loads per day. Once they are baled and compressed, they are transported to several different markets where they are used for various purposes like mattress, craftwork, car chair cushion etc.

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