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MacBaler- car baler

Car Baler/ Scrap Baler

The car baler, also referred to as a car logger, car crusher, or car compactor, is a versatile baler machine. Our car baler is not only suitable for compressing used cars but also for recycling and compressing various other metal scraps. You can choose from portal type and fixed type balers, and we offer options for auto bale ejection and grapple bale picking.

MacBaler- car baler portable type

MacBaler- car baler- portable type with auto bale ejection

MacBaler- car logger fixed type

MacBaler- car logger- fixed type

Our car balers are equipped with three patented designs (Patent No. ZL 2016 1 0774656.8; ZL 2016 1 07774645.X; ZL 2013 1 0423729.5), ensuring exceptional durability and reliable performance.

MacBaler- car baler machine

MacBaler- car baler- grapple bale picking

With our car balers, you simply place the used car or other metal scraps into the compressing bin using a metal scrap grapple. Once compressed, you obtain a compact bale. You have the option to choose a design that allows the ram of the car baler to eject the bale or open the bin gate and use the grapple to pick up the bale.

We also offer mobile car balers, providing flexibility in their usage. Just let us know your requirements, and we will custom-build a car baler specifically for you.

If you prefer a smaller scrap baler to compress metal scraps, you can choose our metal scrap baler.

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Mobile Car Baler with automatic bale ejecting

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