What Our Customers Say

Fully automatic baler

“I am very satisfied with this automatic baling press machine. It solves all my waste problem. It also helps me to save labor cost and create value”

Mr. Stanislav. From Bulgaria. Fully Automatic Baler. Model 1250W110110
plastic baler for sale

“The PET bottle baler helps me to process almost 10tons of PET bottles every day. The average bale weight is approx. 410kgs. Thanks to MacBaler and I am happy to own this machine.”

Mr. Maribel Plascencia Jatomea. From Mexico. Semi Automatic Balers. Model 1000WB11085
automatic palm fiber baler

“The 24hours of continuous running proves the excellent performance of the automatic fiber baling machine. A 40HQ container can load more than 19tons fiber bales. Most important is that the loading weight is based on the fibre moisture less than 15%. Glad with the weight”

Mr.Chuah. From Malaysia. Automatic Palm Fiber Baling Machine. Model 1000W6174
Baling press for paper mill

“I do not need to arrange a person to strap the bales anymore since I bought this automatic cardboard compactor from MacBaler. This saves much of labor cost. Currently, there is only about 1.5tons of paper waste per hour. I plan to enlarge more productions lines.”

Mr.Lee . From Singapore. Fully Automatic Balers with Cyclone. Model 400W7280
Mill size baler for sale

“Generally I visit my factory once a month. There is no complaint from the operator regarding these cardboard balers. They help me to reduce large quantity of paper waste every day.”

Mr.Subbiah. From India. Mill Size Baler. Model 500LE15076