Our Success Story

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In the recycling industry, there is a high demand for baler machine’s functionality, technical durability, and user reliability. We are proud and experienced manufacturers of the bailing press machines. We have hit over a decade of experience now and the testimonials and customer reviews tell the story of our successes since then.One of our very

Heavy Duty All-in One Baler

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This is one of the most powerful all-in-one baler, it applies to baling and compressing of almost all the loose materials like paper, cardboard, OCC, ONP, books, magazines, plastic bottles, plastic film,rigid plastic, fibre, alfalfa, hays, textile, cans, tins and aluminum scraps with press force up to 160tons, which compress very tight bales. You can count

What is a bailer?

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Bailer is actually another written of 'baler'. What is a bailer? A bailer makes handling and carrying waste process much more convenient. The bailers make this complexity waste carrying and storing  much more easier by compressing almost every kind of material, ranging from very hard to very soft like paper, cardboard, OCC, ONP, books, magazines,