This is one of the most powerful all-in-one baler, it applies to baling and compressing of almost all the loose materials like paper, cardboard, OCC, ONP, books, magazines, plastic bottles, plastic film,rigid plastic, fibre, alfalfa, hays, textile, cans, tins and aluminum scraps with press force up to 160tons, which compress very tight bales. You can count on our all in one heavy duty baler to process soft materials like plastic film or waste paper, or are rigid materilas like ABS car bumps. This automatic horizontal baler can always perfectly compress them into nice and tight bales.

The heavy duty all-in-one horizontal baler own large bale size of 1500*1100*1500mm, and with bale weight of 1400kg for paper waste and 1000kgs for PET (the bale weight is fluctuated according to different materials). The heavy dutye machine constructure ensures there is no special intallation requirement for the ground.

In order to maximize the baling capacity of this heavy duty horizontal baler, a heavy duty conveyor is required to match with the automatic horizontal baler to synchronous feeding and recyling the waste materials, which make the bale capacity up to 4tons per hour. However, this number might decrease because of the operators’ strapping skill and the unsynchronous material feeding.

Our all in one heavy duty baler is the best choice of a recycling center and it helps them to compress all kinds of different materials with higher bale density compare with other horizontal balers.

However, we will recommend you to use the normal semi-ato horizontal balers to process your waste if you dont have much rigid waste and dont have large volume of waste materials.

Model 1600WB110150
Main Cylinder Size Ø280
Main Motor Power 55kw
Number of Strapping Lines 7lines
Bale Size (L*W*H) 1500*1100*1500mm
Bale Weight(approx./different raw material owns different bale weight) 1400kgs (paper)

1000kgs (PET)

Throughput (approx./ depends on the raw material density and the strapping skill of the operators) 2-4tons/h
Machine Weight 17tons
Machine Overall Dimension 8500*1600*3500mm